Mechanical Turk, Embarrassing Stories.

I recently commissioned 100 true short stories, specifically embarrassing stories.

Only 41 stories were turned in by the end of the alloted time, and it only cost me about 2 dollars.

I did this with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I’m going to leave plenty of details out about this amazing site, this should not be considered any sort of guide.

Mechanical Turk allows requesters to commission simple tasks known as HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks

for as little as a penny a piece.

It also allows you to work on these HITs… but I’m mainly talking about the Requester side of things now.

To me this sounded like a cheap virtual army of college students and stay at home moms,

and I have endless faith in the two.

So to test the waters I commissioned 100 embarrassing stories for 4 cents a piece.

Some of the stories were worthless…

“My most embarssing story is once during my collage days, my professor distributes results
by calling my name along with my mark and also question me to explain reason
for getting such low marks.. its really awkward”


Some, actually made me laugh out loud.

“In 12th grade I had a date with the captain of the cheerleading team. Her name was Kelli and I had liked her since 9th grade. Believe it or not, she asked me to the movies, though I think she considered me only a friend (story of my life). To make a long story short, I wrecked my sister’s car while on the date. Neither one of us was hurt but I sure was embarrassed. I heard she went to a party after I took her home.”

Wow, I’m sorry man, I don’t know if I would ever come back from that.




Fortunately, I can choose to reject submissions that don’t even bother to match the criteria.

That doesn’t stop me from being a bit too lenient sometimes.

Really i’ll accept anything that meets the minimum requirements, after all it’s only 4 cents,

and I get a little excited anytime I get a new submission.

I’m excited to see what I can do with this, It’s amazing what has already been done,

This is only my first Amazon Mechanical Turk project, I’ve got 11 hours left on my next.

Maybe I can find a way to make the big bucks like the guy who commissioned pictures of sheep for a penny,

then went on to sell some of them for as much as $20.

Well, thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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